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Double end reflex training "headache" bag.

Double end reflex training "headache" bag.

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This double end "headache" bag is designed to help athletes of all calibers train and improve their punching skills.

The double end bag is one of the most necessary pieces of equipment in any gym. It is used to improve hand speed, timing, punching accuracy, precision, and combination punching. 

Increase your reaction time and speed up your punches.

The rapid movement in all directions allows you to work on punching from unlimited angles and your footwork adding a degree of elusiveness to your fight game.

Increase your timing and accuracy.


Technique and conditioning no doubt develop power, but timing and accuracy allow fighters to effectively use that power.

Develop hand-eye coordination, rhythm, and muscle memory.

Constantly moving, swaying back and forth and side to side, even at angles, it is very hard to predict its movement. Punching and connecting rapidly, allows fighters to build up a rhythm, which then trains fighters to be able to adapt to a moving target.

Excellent all around workout.

The double end bag is also great for cardio, while getting your arms accustomed to throwing multiple punches at a rapid pace.


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