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Curved focus striking pads

Curved focus striking pads

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Learn to throw laser sharp combinations and footwork.

Athletes have used boxing pads for centuries, because they allow you to perform a wide variety of strikes, hits, kicks and combination drills including blocks, slips and rolls into the routine, as well as working on footwork developed by having to move around the pads.

Improve your striking power.

With the focus pads a fighter can load up more and meet resistance when he lands. This makes the pads more suited to building up power for going after knock outs and causing more damage.

Simulate a live fight.

 Pad work replicates a live fight. Standing directly opposite your partner psychologically prepares you to face an opponent, focus pads also force you and your partner to move around, so you can mimic the movements you both would make in a match. If you only train on a heavy bag or boxing dummy it promotes complacency because there is no competition element and no partner in front of you who can block your hits and return strikes designed to make you develop you defense.

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