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MMA Rashguard

MMA Rashguard

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 Protection against mat rash and muscle injuries:

Prevents Muscle Injuries The compression effect of the rash guards helps to prevent probable muscle injuries. The texture of BJJ mats can irritate your skin during training. Mat burn is the primary purpose why most BJJ practitioners wear rash guards.

Several colors and styles:

Set comes with long sleeve design for NO_GI training or short sleeve for under your GI. A good rash guard should give you ample compression but not so much that your range of motion is restricted. Ensure that the rash guard is not loose-fitting and check if it covers your limbs and neck.

Flat stitching and form fitting, moisture wicking material for maximum comfort:

A good rash guard will keep the moisture away and keep your grappling and rolling techniques sweat-free and non-slippery. Made of a blend of polyester and spandex fabric and has excellent moisture control.


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